Our services include total solutions for complex green-energy projects that go far beyond traditional engineering and offer our customers full service from a single source.

Site selection, project development, partner concepts

Decentralised power generation facilities are on the rise and are shaping a response to the global challenge for careful energy use and the slow changeover of existing power generation to renewable energy sources.

Oskar von Miller Green Energy Solutions is continuously developing "greenfield projects", advocates international climate protection goals and makes use of the existing statutory provisions giving priority to renewable energy.

As part of a site evaluation we address suitable project partners (fuel suppliers, heating customers, system builders, co-investors, lenders) and involve them according to the project requirements within the overall programme.

Valuation, acquisition and investment concepts

In addition to ongoing technical support, existing decentralised power generation plants require a thorough cost/benefit assessment of the current energy production process. A familiarity with similar installations helps here, as does dialogue and open exchange of experiences with other plant operators. Cluster formations, mergers or bringing a facility into a larger "facilities-pool" often confer distinct competitive advantages.

Oskar von Miller Green Energy helps prepare valuation reports for existing facilities and develops acquisition and investment concepts as a way of increasing profitability.

Adding value to existing facilities

After several years of running decentralised power plants, operators often discover that the regulations on the creation of new facilities have changed significantly and that even an existing plant must now meet the new requirements.

Oskar von Miller Green Energy supports the operator in the critical revision of his current plant concept and demonstrates ways in which competitiveness can be optimised and adapted to changing market conditions.

Restructuring and search for investors

Decentralised power generation plants are long-term investments, typically with a lifetime of more than 20 years. Not all investors who have such facilities in their portfolio want to lock their capital into this full term.

Oskar von Miller Green Energy knows the leading players in the market and is constantly holding talks with individual groups of investors. The search for investors can therefore be targeted to meet the needs of the individual client. In addition to contacts with solely financial investors, we enjoy long-term relationships of trust with strategic investors.

In anticipation of a structured sales process, we can by agreement with our customers undertake a restructuring of the existing plant that meets the demands of the market.