GREEN ENERGY / The benefits of renewable energy

The share of renewable energy in total energy demand is growing continuously. The need to preserve fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions calls for a rethink of energy policy.

Changeover of energy supplies to renewable energy sources

Energy consumption rose rapidly with the industrialisation of our society. In the past, every increase in prosperity came with an increase in energy use. A glance at a map of the world clearly shows that regions of intense economic activity are also regions of high energy consumption. Groups promoting sustainability in our society have now grasped that humanity cannot carry on with business as usual. The rapid exploitation of fossil fuels stored under the earth's crust over millions of years and soaring energy consumption are leading us into a blind alley. Aside from the heavy burden that we are putting on our environment by burning fossil fuels, we are robbing future generations of important raw materials.

But a change in thinking is under way: a more careful use of energy, combined with a gradual transition to renewable energy sources. Renewable energy from hydroelectric dams, wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, biogas and biomass power plants is winning more and more supporters and is now being promoted by many governments as a way of meeting global climate goals.

Laws giving priority to renewable energies are now found in nearly all European countries and are seen by a large part of the world community as reasonable.

Oskar von Miller Green Energy supports this trend in society and is showing clients customised solutions to meet their energy needs sustainably and to benefit from the advantages of preferential treatment given to renewable energy sources.